About me

I’m Laura and I’m right in the middle of my twenties.

In 2012 I started my first blog which I deleted after a few years. I mainly wrote about travelling, and I really enjoyed having somewhere on the internet where I could brain dump whatever I felt like. Then it got a couple of hundred followers, and people started commenting on my blogposts, and THEN I deleted it – imagine if someone I knew would find it?!

And here I am again! I love writing – always have. I would write constantly when I was younger. Back when I could barely use a computer. I’ve found old stories in py parents’ place written exclusively with capital letters and without a sign of punctuation anywhere.

I’m a real “thinker”, and my mind rarely shuts up. So it’s a huge help to write it all down to organise my thoughts and empty my brain.

And if I’m not here to blabber on about myself, who will?