About the project

Young woman well and truly in the middle of a quater-life crisis.

Who am I? And who do I want to be? I’m tempted to add “…when I grow up”, but I’m afraid I already have. Whether I want it or not, I suppose I do actually categorise as an adult. Terrifying.

I’ve never figured out exactly what it is I want to be doing with my life, but one thing I’ve never questioned is my love of travelling. I’ve never been more at peace with myself than just before I began studying for my bachelor’s degree; I’d just had three gap years where I spent 50% of my time not being on Danish ground, and my entire identity was “the girl who travelled”. And then suddenly, as that came to an end, I had to figure out who I now was.

The pressure of creating a successful life for myself – it’s a very millennial problem, isn’t it?

Laura’s Project is a place on the internet to put my thoughts. Sometimes it’s nice to just do a huge brain dump to empty the brain of whatever has been on my mind.

I once had a yoga teacher that told me to just think “thought thought” and send it off whenever I had racing thoughts – as if that would help. I think thoughts are easier to put away when written down.