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    New kid in town

    When I was younger (just to make myself sound really old…) I was sure that I was going to live the big city life – being sort of a Carrie Bradshaw type: someone who would write or do photography and live in a fancy apartment in a big city. Always busy and on her way to somewhere new.

    I’d be sat at a cozy, local café with my laptop, and obviously I’d know all the staff – ’cause this is where I would be everyday, working. With a latte og espresso by my side – because in this fantasy I like coffee. I’d be gazing out onto London’s busy streets, crowds in Paris, or a pulsating city life in New York.

    However, my boyfriend and I have just moved to a tiny village. It isn’t even a town you know of if you aren’t from the area. And that suits me just fine…


    The idea of the high life in Sydney or Los Angeles has been put away, and now I dream of a garden, a dog, and an affordable rent.

    I did originally come from a small town as well, so I know what it’s all about, and so far I love the fact that we can’t go for a walk without meeting a handful of people we know.

    Not very rock ‘n’ roll, and not a Carrie Bradshaw in sight.

    And I can’t wait.

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    Project ‘what-does-the-future-hold?’

    Hey Laura, how will your life look when you’re a grown up?

    Well, who knows – I don’t, anyways…

    I’m totally the type to find security in a house, a dog, and a garden, and then every once in a while I’ll be sat at a concert listening to some song about living before dying and then a couple of restless days will ensue. Because that is actually a good point, remembering to live life before it all ends.

    And I guess it does make one think what it really is you want the future to hold. Would I be satisfied with what I had achieved if it was all going to end tomorrow? Nah, I don’t think I would…

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: it is tough being in the middle of your twenties! Did anyone say quarter-life crisis? (or is that reserved for people that has passede their 45th birthday?)

    Instagram is overflowing with succesful and passionated 21 years olds that are rocking everything they do and I cannot keep up. The vehicle that’s supposed to bring me through life is rusty and I think the front wheel is falling off.

    In other words; I have no idea how I want my life to turn out.

    To be continued…