Backpacker to the core

When I’d just graduated high school my best friend and I went interrailing through Eastern Europe for a few weeks. It was my first true backpacking experience, and I loved it! Hooked from the very first second!

I loved the freedom, I loved the community, and I just never wanted it to end.

Being a backpacker means meeting new people almost constantly, and creating friendships based on nothing but the love for travel. You’ll care deeply for people you’ve just met, and it’ll hurt your soul when they leave.

If you really immerse yourself and just open up to all the experiences, it’ll be so intense. Your social comfort zone will be challenged and expanded. The friendships might be short but they’ll be sweet. I think that like dogs years, time moves a little differently when you’re backpacking.

Following that trip me and my backpack went away, just the two of us, several times. But these last years I have rather – dare I say it – taken a suitcase with me.

And with a suitcase comes hotels instead of hostels, restaurants instead of street food, and cocktails instead of bag-in-box wine – and inevitably also some experiences.

Well I actually think that in my case, most of the above came with my boyfriend, haha. He’s definitely more of a “comfort traveller” than I am.

I used to 100% identify as a backpacker and I was sure, I was never going to travel in any other way ever again. And yet here I am. Haven’t touched my backpack a few years.

A sin against my personality.

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